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What is Your Favorite TV Series?

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We all have a favorite TV show that we binge-watch when we are bored. Mine is Jane the Virgin, because it always keeps me excited for the next episode! We asked some Panthers what their favorite TV show is and why.

“My favorite series is The Fosters. The show is interesting, there is always something new that happens which  makes the show less boring.” -Angelina Perez (11).

“I don’t watch a lot of TV shows but my favorite would be Sponge Bob because it reminds me of my childhood. Sponge Bob teaches me about friendship.” -Marissa Arias (10)

“I like the show Rick and Morty, because it’s funny. I like that it is a mature cartoon, but I wouldn’t recommend this show to kids younger than my age.” – Cobi Morales (12)

“My favorite TV series at the moment is Friends, because it’s funny. I like how I can relate to a lot of the situations that happens in the show. I also like the show because it has my favorite actors. The show teaches you a lot of life lessons, but overall makes you laugh.” -Natalie Castillo (12, right).

“My favorite show is Super Natural because I love fiction. There’s a lot of action and adventure that I like.” -Arlene Estrada (9).

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