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Sunflowers are Taking Over

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Beauty and the Beast’s iconic rose has come to an end. There is a more  bright and cheery flower, one as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun: the sunflower.

This flower was first known as the Helianthus annuus. It was first brought to Europe in the 16th century by the Americas. You can already assume why they call it a sunflower, due to its replication to the sun. There are many species, but the common sunflower is the single large flower head with bright yellow petals.

“Sunflowers these days are underrated. I say that because everyone always thinks of the cliché “cute” pink , red or white flowers to give to a date. Personally, the bright yellow of a sunflower would make me feel happier and brighter rather than getting the usual flowers,” said Serina Alexander, junior.

Sunflowers are the best flowers due to their vibrant elegance. Its posture is undeniably perfect.  When you look at the sunflower you can’t help yourself from feeling joy and satisfaction.

“I love sunflowers because no matter what setting I am in, I will never be disappointed by the miraculous colors it shines towards oneself. Sunflowers are like free bundles of happiness given by the earth,” said Clarielisa Ocampo, senior.

People will argue that sunflowers are a burden to any garden. However in any situation a sunflower will contribute well to any garden. Its elegance is  overwhelming with excitement and joy.