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An Artist’s Need

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Not everyone can afford to be romantic

Not everyone can live an artist’s dream

We need people who will settle for simple comforts and an average life

We the artists need you to thrive

We need small and narrow minds

So that we can break the glass dome in which you reside

It’s how we make a living

It’s how we keep a purpose

We laugh and pity the people of the suburbs

The people of the countryside

The people who only know city life

In order to truly live you need to walk in all footsteps of life

But not everyone can be an artist and live free

Not everyone can see the world as we do

Some just get thrown into the machine and die

So eat up the GMOs and the lies they feed

Listen to your government and nod and agree

As long as you pause every once in awhile

Get lost in our creations and have your core shaken

Then we’ve done what we needed to do

Does my arrogance disturb you?  

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Alasaundra Silva, Reporter

Alasaundra Silva that's me. I'm a senior who feels like a senior citizen. I'm a person of many interests ranging from 2000s emo music to Sinatra. I thrive...