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Mr. Magni USA International Lifter

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Mr. Magni placed third overall in the Armlifting USA grip strength competition at the 2018 Philadelphia, FitExpo. He placed first in his weight lifting class and this is his third time getting up on the podium in a professional contest. “In the overall contest, after 6 events, Jedd Johnson was the winner. Eric Roussin finished second and I finished third.  There were some great lifts.  Armlifting USA had a very successful debut on the East Coast—a good time was had by all!,” Riccardo Magni reported to IronMind.

Q:How Did you feel about the competition in Philadelphia?

A: “It was great because it puts me in a great position for my upcoming competition in Finland and Thousand Oaks.

Mr. Magni will be competing in Taavati, Finland August 25, 2018. He is the first American to compete in Finland.  There will be 10 different countries to compete against in Finland. This is his second competition that has been in a different country. The first competition he went to abroad was in Russia in 2017.

Q: How do you feel about competing in a different country?

A: “I’m very excited to represent America for the second time abroad. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I am now training twice a day in the morning and whenever I have time before I go to bed. ”

Mr. Magni will also be competing in Russia for the second time in 2019. He took this year off to get into better shape and to get a look at the competition. The CEO of the competition in Russia personally asked Mr. Magni to come back to Russia to compete again.

Q: How do you feel about going to Russia for the second time?

A: “I’m in a lighter weight class now and I’m stronger I’m really improving in my rankings compared to the people around the world. I have a very good chance of setting world records in Russia 2019, because as of this years standings the competition didn’t hit my PR’s. I am excited that I have the health and the ability to compete I’m very happy to see where this will take me.”




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