Daniel Geiger Opens Up about Teen Star

February 28, 2018

Q: How many years have you competed in Teen Star?

A: I’ve competed for 3 years total.

Q: How is the competition process?

A: The producers at Teen Star make the whole process as stress free as possible for the contestants and all day, they cater to your every need as if you are the biggest star on the planet, it’s the best.

Q: How was it working with Kenny Loggins?

A: Kenny Loggins has actually become a friend of mine. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. He’s seen me scared for my life, and he beat confidence into me; that is what I am going to be forever grateful to him for. He lended me his own personal guitarist, pianist, and percussionist for the competition and a few outside gigs around Santa Barbara. And he is just the most genuine person I think I’ve ever met. Also… Just the fact that I can text him whenever I feel like it…..Coolest. Feeling. Ever.

Q: How does it feel to win the competition after competing time and time again for 3 years?

A: Looking back, the past few years were rough for me, as they are for every high school kid, because I was trying to find myself and what makes me unique. There have been qualities that I hold on to that are my own and have always been, but I never felt that I could allow myself the freedom to find and express myself. I didn’t believe in myself enough for me to win my first year, I remember walking into the competition, and being SO intimidated by all of these amazing singers with all these fancy clothes and vocal lessons, and I lowered my voice and swayed in the background that year too scared to hardly move.

My second year, I was much more comfortable. But I was singing for just the people in my life who I loved and wanted to impress. And my energy was misguided because I still felt the need to hide myself and fake a stage presence that wasn’t me.

This year, I sang for myself. (And also my family and friends and everyone, yada yada yada.) As soon as I found out I got into the competition, I told myself that I am doing HIM by Sam Smith as my first song, and that was the end of it. And I was going to stand center stage and tell the audience why I have been acting the way I have for the past three years. And I didn’t expect such a positive reaction, to be frank. I was terrified of a reaction that would potentially not be so good.But that night, I realized how loving people are. And I kicked myself for not realizing it sooner.

Q: Why was HIM by Sam Smith such an important choice song choice for you?

A: I wanted to show people that it’s okay to be yourself, and I wanted to show that I was confident with myself. I felt that that song spoke words I’ve been deathly afraid to speak in public for far too long. It was a personal challenge for me.

Q: How does it feel to have your friends and family supporting you and celebrating your win?

A: I feel a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever anyone hugs me and celebrates with me. I feel accepted and loved. And I feel like I made people proud, it makes me smile.

Q: What came along with winning the competition?

A: A scholarship, Free Studio time in World Class Recording Studio, A TON of exposure and performance opportunities. And…. Free Invisalign.

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