A Battle Under the Lights

Boy's Basketball

March 30, 2023

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of skill. If there’s anything the PVHS Boy’s Basketball team lacks its not skill that for sure!! By far the most talented player on the team has to be Jace Gomez. He was bale to average 19 points per game and 22.2 all season in a very competitive mountain league section. Jace was also selected as second team All-League team this season. By far his biggest accomplishment was breaking the scoring record in the men’s basketball program with 725 points. Another player we would like to mention is Inderveer Toor who has a good season averaging 10 points and 5.5 rebounds in league. He was also a honorable mention for All-League. During this season The boy’s Varsity team had to over come a lot of challenges. A player who over came a big challenge was Victor Gomes who unfortunately dislocated his shoulder during a game against Bishop Diego. However, this proved to be no challenge to him as he pushed through it and worked hard to get back on the court. DuringĀ  his time out he was their biggest supporter during practice and during the games as well. He pushed his teammates to work harder and to push themselves to get better.