Girls Basketball

Taking on Many Challenges!

March 22, 2023

Here at Pioneer Valley our girls basketball team is dedicated to putting in the work to become a great team. This year on Varsity, Angel Cardenas was our most talented player which was shown on the court and she also made 2nd Team All-League this year. The most improved on Varsity was Kahlia Melton who was very determined to show that she is making herself a better athlete all around and it was noticed by her coaches this year who also gave her an honorable mention in the League. The hardest worker was Alyvia Murrillo she worked hard on and off the court to be better for her team. The Varsity’s biggest accomplishment this year was winning against Santa Maria, and it was the 1st time ever that this team beat Santa Maria’s Varsity team. On the JV team this year the leading scorer was Jaylene Roybal, coaches said she was the most athletic on the team along with Mackenzie Ramirez. Victoria Llamas was the most improved this season and became one of the five starters. A memorable win for JV this year was also being able to beat Santa Maria here at Pioneer Valley after losing to them by less than 5 points the last time they played them, the cross-town rivalry and built up anticipation to play them and beat them was a great feeling for everyone.  As for both Varsity and JV next year the program is looking for more commitment from the players as individuals and also as a team, this could lead to even more success in the future.