A Yard From Victory

Panther's rush to the Endzone

February 24, 2023

Pioneer Valley Students love to watch their football players lose and lose each year. Don’t get me wrong, the PVHS football team does have outstanding players. The PVHS Varsity football team has lots of talented players. Pepe Gonzales was one of the team’s long snappers and kickoff returner. The player that had lots of Improvement was Diego Rojas- Zurita he became a starter at OL and saw time at DL too and had never played before. The 2 most hard-working athletes were Adrian mora and Dylan Pirkl. Although the PVHS football team doesn’t have many wins, they are very proud of the Quarterfinal game against Bishop Union. The Team traveled 332 miles to play the undefeated #1 seed. They had to overcome lots of adversity to win the game. The weather was nothing compared to what they were used to, it was extremely cold. The improvements the coach would love to see would be to improve their attention to detail and dedication. An interesting fact would be the senior class accomplished things that no other group has done at PVHS. They made the semifinals as juniors, and they made the finals as juniors. The team put lots of dedication into becoming good. As much as the varsity team is praised, the PVHS JV football team also has some good athletes up their sleeves. The most talented player was their QB Aleijah Gomes. He was their best player on the offensive side. Whenever they needed a play, he was there to make it for them. On the defensive side Elijah Espino being in the right place most times had made him the best player on the defensive side. The most improved athlete was Kayden Gonzales, every day he showed up, worked as hard as he could and would never complain about anything. He just did his job and worked hard to get better. The JV Team did unfortunately have more wins than the Varsity team, but they were most proud to finish their season with back-to-back wins. They did lose a game against Templeton, they went back for the last two games and won by 30 points in both contests. At the end of the season, they got to show how they were winners in their eyes. The improvements the coach would like to see is to get more players to come to practice and commit to showing up all spring, summer, and fall. Overall, the team grew closer as the year went on, they took the first step in becoming a stronger unit. Both the Varsity and JV football teams showed extraordinary athletes throughout the season. The Freshman team shows promising players. The most talented players were Jayden Ramos and Diego Porraz, they were always ready for any game at any moment. The two athletes that had lots of improvements were Nathaniel Arrendondo and Kester Sagisi, they showed phenomenal improvements and always showed up to practice. Ronaldo Mendez and Cristian Martinez also showed how dedicated they were to the team they were both very hard workers and showed so. The Freshman football team had quite a few wins but the one that meant most to them was beating Lompoc, they had a very good football program. Many improvements were made but the coach would like to work on the team’s discipline and character on and off the field while keeping the team together all four years. To conclude, the PVHS football team was successful throughout their season. Losses and wins showed them life lessons and inspiration to become one and be the best.