Swinging into Victory

Girls tennis swing to action

February 24, 2023

Many Like to follow a different sports. Perhaps something that has more contact or pursue something outside of sports. However, we should put more respect on tennis players a lot more. Tennis is a very difficult sport requiring a lot of skill having to hit a small ball at a rapid speed and running around your side of the court. The PVHS tennis teams is a team that is made up of 8 seniors and 1 junior so next year the team will have a completely new team a fresh start so that sounds like something really exciting. River Chavez was the number one player of the tennis team. A player that defended her number one pot by working really hard by putting extra work before and after practice. Their victory against Mission Prep was hands down the sweetest victory the tennis team had. Mainly because of the really strong tennis program they have and because it was a goal to beat Mission Prep.  Muisha Naniong  is a player who improved the most this past year by putting in extra hard work before and after practice. She is a player who likes to challenge the coaches and a dedicated person to the sport.