Panther Olympics

April 13, 2022

A fun and exciting week happened with ASB’s annual Panther Olympics competition! The competition pits against students from different sports, clubs, and classes. It even includes the teachers from both PE and Special Education departments! The games were competitive as everyone was trying to fight for Gold and a choice of lunch. These games consisted of a jump ball race, hungry hippo, cup stacking, bowling, and an egg toss! On Friday, the finalists of each group competed in a race that included a potato sack race, cornhole, balloon pop, bubble wrap roll, and even a slip and slide!

The students had a blast at Panther Olympics by competing for medals. The games were fun and there were tons to choose from for our fellow Panthers. Overall all students made sure to participate and always have fun while doing so. thank you panthers. All staff members and students had a fun time going to Panther Olympics and getting to see their classmates and friends. We hope to make more Panther Olympics in the future and we hope you do too!