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Your Flask, Your Personality!

January 19, 2022

Using a refillable water bottle instead of a plastic disposable is a great help to the environment. We are so used to using water bottles since that’s what is more common, and it’s only designed to be single use. We need to break out of this cycle because we polluting our own planet. Water bottle companies will do anything for money and not give a care of the harm. In the article Harvard University ‘Top Three Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water” tells us about the entire life cycle of bottled water that gets in the way of fossil Fuels, contributes to global warming, and causes pollution. Waste isn’t manageable anymore since so much water bottle usage and causes trash. People who use watered bottles because it’s “cleaner” is a myth, it’s no cleaner or safer than tap water. Therefore, watered bottles aren’t safe and to help save the planet with one Hydro at a time. Pioneer Valley students have a lot to say about how this Water Bottle trend has taken over our campus. This PV student said ” I like this trend because I get to personalize my water bottle with what interests me and it makes my bottle much more valuable to me.” Adding stickers helps your water bottle become more unique to the owner. By adding stickers it can show someone’s beliefs. One PV students said ” I don’t like having a plain looking bottle so I added stickers to make it look cooler.” Many people don’t like the look of a plain boring water bottle. Adding stickers is a cool way to make your water bottle look cooler and also a way to express your self. Overall, I would say that some students like this trend that has taken over our campus.

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Hydroflasks are a new way to show what type of person you are without having to tell people, with just the color and how you decorate your Hydro. You can even start up a conversation just by complimenting their Hydro, you can gain new friends by your Hydro. You can have matching Hydros with your best friend to show your friendship at school!