Masks, Sleep and Slang

Masks Quotes

January 26, 2022

Masks, Sleep, and Slang. Everyday needs for students at PV. These students were interviewed for their different opinions on these needs as everyone has a different opinion and lifestyle. Whether it’s a creative mask, different sleep schedule, or the knowledge of their generation’s slang, everyone is different here at PV. For example, some people may have basic masks, but others may have creative ones. Or they also have different sleep schedules as some sleep early for healthier benefits, or sleep later as they are able to do more at night. The craziest definition of “catch these hands” is Erik Lopez’s, where he says it means to meet up at Edward’s and get clocked. The most creative mask is Alexis Ponce’s skull mask.  The most interesting sleep habit was Kasandrah Medina’s, where her sleep begins around 6-7pm. Here are some more creative and crazy examples:

Janet Campos (Senior) – “I wear a polka dots mask and eventually got used to it and I wear it for the safety of others.”
Daniela Suarez (Senior) – “I wear a disposable mask and I don’t dislike nor like wearing masks, but I wear it to keep others safe because of Covid-19.”
Robert Perez (Senior) – “I wear a disposable mask and I love wearing masks.”
Daniel Rodriguez (Sophomore) on the left side – “I wear a PV black mask and I do not care about wearing masks, because I wear it for the safety of others.”
Alexis Ponce (Senior) – ” I like this mask because I’ve had it for a year and it special to me.”
Raul Calderon (Senior) – “It’s the only mask I have and it helps me stay safe.”
Alex Ramos (Senior) – “I like the black masks because it’s the barrier between the good and bad, and I like it better then the blue masks.”
Isabella Ruiz (Sophomore) – “I like this masks because it is disposable and comfortable to wear.”
Jessica Vazquez (Junior) – “I like this mask because It’s plain black mask and I don’t like wearing a mask at times because it gets hot.”
Maria Fernanda Montero (Junior) – “I like this because it’s black and it matches with everything, and she thinks having a mask is for everyone’s safety.”
Grasiela Ortiz (Junior) – “My favorite color is black and it matches with everything.”
Jessica Perez (Senior) – ” I like this mask because it goes with my outfit.”
Adrian Maldoanado (Sophomore) – “I don’t care what mask I have on, a mask is a mask.”
Diana Hernandez – “I like this mask because it’s fashionable and it shows my style.”
Roberto Perez – ” I use this mask because it’s mandatory, I would not use it if it wasn’t mandatory.”
Yamileth Escuadra – “I like this mask because it’s different then others.”
Jasmin Flores Flores – “I don’t like having a mask on because I can’t breathe and I sometimes forget it which is really annoying.”
Santiago Gonzalez (Senior) – “I use this mask because its the only mask I have and it’s annoying to wear.”
Ricardo Mejia (Sophomore) – “I like this mask because it’s different and normal masks bother me a lot.”
Andrea Maldonado (On The Left) – “It’s the only mask that can match with anything.”                                                  Michelle Garica (On The Right) – “I wear this mask because it’s basic and it goes well with my outfits.”
David Salazar thinks “catch these hands” means is to get a fight with any specific person
Daniel Ortiz thinks “cap” means when someone is caught lying and is not telling the truth
Fatima Corona thinks “catch these hands” means to fight and catch a fade
Jaime Alvarado thinks “ghosted” means ignoring someone
Alex Ramos thinks “drip” means swag or style
Julián Aquino thinks “‘Sus’ means lame stuff that is played with every gosh darn day.”
Luis Hernandez thinks “cap” means like you’re lying or bluffing
Jasmin thinks “cap” means when someone is lying
Joseph Calales thinks “sus” means another way of saying suspicious
Lilly Garcia thinks “drip” means when somebody has a good-looking outfit or style
Kevin Barriga says “‘Slaps’ means good in a way because you can say for example, ‘this food slaps,’ saying that the food is very good.”
Victor Mendez thinks “sus” means they’re acting suspicious
Megan M. thinks “cap” means to lie
Danny Vilarreal thinks “ghosted” means to stop talking to someone or pretend to be a ghost
Adrian Armenta thinks “drip” means nice outfit or all matching
Angel thinks “drip” means to drip water
Andres Ceballos thinks “I’m dead” means to be incredibly tired
Ramon Mandujano thinks “drip” is a clothing statement
Anthony Serrano thinks “catch these hands” means to fight someone
Sebastian Alcantar thinks “cap” means when you catch someone lying
Angel Salcido thinks “cap” means when you lie
Anais Arroyo thinks “cap” means someone is lying.
Edgar Orozco Prado thinks “cap” means girls lying
Britney thinks “slaps” mean when something is very good or delicious
Coralina Gonzalez thinks “sus” means to be suspicious
Paris Lua thinks “drip” means a good outfit
Luisa Tadeo thinks “sus” means something suspicious
Javi Martinez thinks “ghosted” when you don’t hear from someone anymore
Erik Lopez thinks “catch these hands” means to meet up at Edward’s and get clocked
Emily Yepez thinks “‘PERIODT’ means if you are agreeing with somebody and if someone says ‘Taki’s are good,’ I’m gonna say PERIODT because I agree.”
Mariana Farias thinks “snack” means someone who looks good
Francisco Martinez thinks “catch these hands” means people are trying to fight
Jessica Vazquez thinks “ghosted” means someone was texting you and does not respond anymore
Ally Rios thinks “cap” means a lie or a false statement
Grasiela Ortiz thinks “slaps” something good
Berenice Cruz “to catch these hands” means to start a fight or confront someone
Joselin Vargas thinks “cap” means lying or a false statement.
Jenny says “I think sus means suspicious and a secret not meant to be shared”
Jose Guzman says “I think I’m dead” means when someone is laughing too hard
Juan Vargas says “I think drip is the stylish of the clothing”
Ana Mendoza thinks “drip” means a cool outfit they have on
Andrea Vazquez thinks “slap” means something good
Victor thinks “sus” means is to be suspicious or acting kind of weird



Luis Garcia prefers to get plenty of sleep but stays up until 11 pm.
Roberto Perez routinely goes to bed at around 12 pm.
Anthony Ayala regularly enjoys to crash out around 11:45 pm to 12 pm.
Betzabeth Solano typical hits the hay at around 11 pm.
Karla fancies not being much of a night owl and prefers to go to sleep at around 10:30 pm.
Hector Jimenez enjoys a healthy amount of sleep and so he sleeps at around 9 pm.
Kasandrah Medina enjoys getting plenty of sleep, her sleep begins around 6-7pm.
Christopher Juarez favorite time to go to sleep is around 11 pm.
Marisa Hernandez has a soft spot for staying up late and naturally asleep at around 12 pm.
Kayla Munoz crashes out around 11 pm to 12 pm.
Gisselle Silva usually goes to bed at around 12 pm.
Miguel Rodríguez stays up until 11 pm the usual time many PVHS students go to sleep.
Santiago Mazo stays up late he’s quite a night owl, his usual sleep hours are 11 pm to 2 am.
Angela Ruiz sleeps early she just finishes her homework and crashes out around 10:30 pm.
Andrea likes to catch some Z’s at around 11 pm.
Cesar is quite a night owl and stays up until 12 pm.
Ruth stays up very late up until 1 am.
Raymond Tapia doesn’t enjoy sleeping much a lot he stays up until 1 am.
Isaiah Gomez usual time of sleep is around 11 pm.
Anthony Corona takes a siesta around 10 pm to 11 pm
Erick Marceleno goes to sleep very early at 9 pm because it’s a very important for him.