We Got Ripped Off

January 27, 2022

The fashion statement of ripped jeans is not a new trend – it has been around for a long time. “The first punks were highly influential on fashion, tearing jackets into vests by removing their arms and pinning slogans onto their pants and T-shirts” as their main purpose was to express rebellion (Neo Blue Jeans). Throughout the years in the 80’s it only gotten bigger because of all the celebrities who joined this movement. Many companies today have brought this style of jeans into a whole other level with many designer companies using ripped jeans as a fashion statement. “What started as a statement against the diktats of society, ripped jeans today is a billion-dollar business,” says writer Ektaa Malik.

So how exactly do you properly rip your jeans? A slideshow from instyle.com shows that we must should first put something to protect the layers. You must do this because if not you’ll just cut right through your jeans have holes on both sides. As a little tip use chalk to help outline the area you want the design to be. Next, with a box cutter cut horizontal cuts so that the vertical threads thread open up. Make sure to not cut to much, just enough so that the threads are available to be pulled out, make sure to only pull the vertical threads with tweezers. After pulling the vertical threads, use sandpaper to fray your edges. Using this method will surely get you the distressed looks that you are searching for.

Pioneer Valley students have a lot to say about how this trend has taken over our campus. We asked Angela Ruiz “How much is too much?”, and their response was “When they have rips bigger than a footlong.” I agree that some rips in jeans are too big at times, I get that its one’s interest but personally not my thing. If you are going to wear jeans that are torn more than half way through the jeans, sorry, but that’s too much for me. We asked another student about their opinion on ripped jeans, their response “I like them, they’re fashionable and make more room for me to move my legs.” I agree, distressed jeans are very fashionable and through-out the years they have only gotten more interest towards them. Ripped jeans do make it easier to move and sometimes some jeans do feel uncomfortable in some areas so that opening would make them more comfortable to wear. Everyone has their own opinion on ripped jeans and to the looks of it, majority of the school likes them.