Cross Culture

Fashion Trend Shows Faith

March 29, 2022

Over the past several years Pioneer Valley has seen a lot of different fashion trends –  some understandable and some not so understandable but now we are seeing crosses. Whether its cross earrings or bracelets what we see most is chains.  Some students will say “I don’t know I just think it looks cool” or some may say “I go to church every Sunday and use it to protect me”. For example Fernanda Lopez a sophomore at PVHS stated that “Some people wear it to symbolize their religion or some wear it as a fashionable way.” This concludes that a lot of people just do wear it just for fashion and not for faith. Either way – all good! Panther Tales is happy to see students express their style and individuality. You’re going to see a lot of people wearing cross chains –  some for style other for their religion or culture. People like to wear it to seem cool others wear it for deeper purposes. Hey Panthers, keep those styles fresh!           

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Would you wear a cross for style or faith?


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