Cross Country

October 6, 2021

Heads are roaming, stomachs are grumbling, legs are starting to ache, and the competition is about to start. This is what Cross Country is. The competition, the family, and out-lasting the pain are some minor effects of running. The competition is extreme, each race you are going against around 150 other competitors. People cheering you on telling you to “run faster” when your giving it your all. Your head filled with thoughts to try to make you run faster and then BOOM! your done. Although cross country is very exhausting it helps take everything you have built in and helps you let it out by running your heart out. Literally you feel your heart beating out of your chest. Cross Country requires strength and the ability to feel powerful like you can run the world. Run like you run the world. Run like you rule this world. Is this what the cross country stars think. We don’t know. But whatever they are thinking they have an idea to win