PVHS Music Choices

October 12, 2021

A lot of teens like different type of genres of music for example there is Hip hop where a lot of teens listen to this type of genre there is country, pop, rock there is a lot of teens that listen to these. Teens tend to listen to hip hop mostly because of the lyrics of the song or the beat of the song. A lot of the songs now a days tend to be about romance or about violence some just about life albums now a days have this type of music in them. The songs could be relevant to teens because they could just feel the mood of the music when listening to music or they can just vibe out to it. The 90’s music could be relevant to teens just because of what they listen to now a day a lot of teens listen to music that they could just relate too if they have personal problems in life or if they just want to vibe out.

The other teens like to listen to country because they like that type of genre of music. This genre could be relevant to them because they were raised on the countryside growing up farming or they might just like how the music is the beat or the lyrics. Other teens might like pop or rock music maybe cause they like the vibe of it but mostly all of teens will listen to hip hop or rap just cause it sounds more cool or you could just be able to relate to the lyrics more.


– Yahir Chavez Vargas 12 said, “I found The Weekend on YouTube, I listen to him every day. He makes me feel emotional, his words are passionate and he’s a very good singer.”
– Jaime Alvarado 12 said, “My brothers introduced me to Mac Miller while I was around them. I typically enjoy this artist’s music all times of the day because it gives me a nostalgic feeling that isn’t replaceable.”
– Ivan Enriquez said, “My favorite artist is Chalino Sanchez because I typically listen to him when I am vibing, Listening to Chalino makes me hyped up.”
– Frankie Martinez 9, said, “My favorite artist is J-Cole, I typically listen to J-Cole daily and it makes me feel “hyped” & I vibe to it.”
– Daniel Alverz 12 said, “I like Los Bukis’s unique style of dressing and classic music 80-90’s Mexican music. I was introduced by listening to Marco Solis (the leader) around my mom’s music.”
– Daniel 12 said, “I like Nicki Minaj because she’s just an artist I enjoy listening to and her lyrics go hard, I listen to her songs all of the time, it does not matter on my mood.”
– Casey Mata 12, “I started listening to Mac Miller when I was going through a hard time and his music brought me happiness.”
– Brenda Lopez 11 said, “My favorite band is One Direction and my favorite member from 1D is Harry Styles because he’s a successful person and very good looking. I like listening to music while I’m alone or when I’m doing homework.”
– Andrea 9 said, “My favorite song is Right Where You Left Me by Taylor Swift, I’ve always liked songs that are more on the folky side and I like the beat to it”
– Adres Novoa said, “I like Bad Bunny because we are twins.”
– Stephanie Jimenez 11 said, “My favorite singer is Polo G because most of his songs are relatable, his music contains… I enjoy listening to this music when I’m walking, doing my makeup, or when I’m doing my homework. I listen to reggaetón when I’m doing chores.”
– Raul Calderon 12 said, “I like Big Paul because he is inspiring. He is motivating and puts a clear message in his music.”
– Mariah Meza said, “It makes me feel happy that Olivia Rodrigo relates to me in real life, I first saw her on social media”
Amadeo said “Cumbias is my favorite because it makes me feel happy and it makes me want to dance.”
Andrea said “Reggaetón is my favorite because when I am sad, it encourages me to dance to that type of music.”
Angie said “Corridos is my favorite because I am from Mexico and it is very common to dance to these songs.”
Benjamin Missamore said “Imagine Dragons are my favorite because their music is fast beat and makes me feel motivated when I workout”
Eddy said “Banda is my favorite because my mom would always listen to that kind of music and it is fun to dance to.”
Emily Yepez said “A Boogie wit da Hoodie is my favorite because I like that he’s talented, he’s not ugly, his music is very catchy. I found him on YouTube.”
Esmeralda said “My favorite is POP music because I like to dance to it with my sister and it helps me relax.”
Hector Jimenez said “Eslabón Armado is my favorite because his music really calms me down when I’m sad.”
Issael Yap said “The Beach Boys are my favorite because it really helps me focus on my homework and I like it because it reminds me of the beach.”
Ivan Meraz said “Andre Nickatina is my favorite because he’s a fast rapper and he party’s a lot. I found him through family.”
Johnathan said “Drake is my favorite because he is a good lyricist.”
Kaleolani Ilac said “My favorite group is Sabaton which is a Swedish heavy metal band. I found out about them a year ago through a Girls Und Panzer meme. My favorite songs by them are Carlous Rex, The Last Stand, and Panzerkamf.”
Lesly said “Paramore is my favorite band. My favorite song by them is Still Into You because I love that it is very upbeat and fun to listen to”
Mariana Farias said “My favorite genres are metal, pop, and banda because it makes me feel happy. My anxiety disappears and I love the artists styles.”
Mario Martinez said “Lil Story is my favorite. The person that introduced me to the music was myself because I found it and I thought it sounds cool.”
Nathan Gomez said “I like 6ix9ine because it’s hype”
Selena Gonzalez said “Freddie Mercury is my favorite because his determination inspired me and I just really love classic rock. Don’t stop me now is my favorite.”