PV Band is Not Bland

The Mighty Marching Band

October 8, 2021

Music has always be a big part of our life, but to the Pioneer Valley High School Band is on a whole other level. I have asked a few of my fellow friends, why join band? The answer is always the same. “Band is more than just playing an instrument, its about the good time you have and the friends you make.” When you join band its a commitment, but when you’re with your friends it’s a whole different story. Constantly playing your instrument and learning new songs and messing up. Pioneer Valley has some of the most talented musicians in the world. Some of our band members have been playing instruments since they were little. Some of our musicians most common instruments are the clarinet, the trumpet, and the flute. When you are on that stage you know your going to do great. With all of our fellow cheerleaders and football players cheering you on. Pioneer Valley band will always welcome you with open arms and warm hugs. We thank our fellow band players of PVHS for always serving with a smile on their face.