Link Crew Saves The Day

First day of school Link Crew rescues the Freshman's

September 7, 2021

Link Crew really gave it their best, trying to help all the Freshman’s find their class. They were very noticeable for the Freshman and really tried their best to guide them around. Link Crew tried to stay around campus even after the bell rang so that any stranglers are able to find their class or are able to help those who need help. Without having known what high school would be like because of distance learning. It really helped the Freshman’s transition into a school life and learn when they have to be in class and what they need to do to get there. The Freshman got lots a help being able to locate their classes and be there in time. Freshman’s seemed to be more open about getting the help and even liked talking to them, everyone seemed to be very happy about being able to have someone to guide them. Sure enough, everyone must very acquainted with the school now that the Link Crew has given them a bit more insight.