Three Point Eight – Ain’t That Great!

Celebrating Success

November 12, 2020

One of the primary influencers at Pioneer Valley is celebration. We know how to celebrate! From rallies to athletic competitions – “Ain’t no party like a Panther party.” This, perhaps, is a key to success – if you want to encourage a behavior, then celebrate it. Besides athletics and school spirit, public education also attempts to develop another aspect of a young person – their education! And, the PVHS counseling department has done just that with their annual academic awards. Students who achieved a 3.8 GPA or above during the previous school year were awarded with a pin, certificate, patch and a round of applause Thursday as they drove through the front parking lot. If these students were able to remove their masks we would see smiles all around – they greatly appreciated this kind gesture by the school staff. After all, obtaining a 3.8 is no small task and requires dedication and discipline. Thank you Pioneer students for working through your struggles to overcome difficult circumstances. The future is bright for those maintain in the face of hardship.

Best Friends!
A proud family!
Great job working hard in school!
A future history maker!
Big Sister! Way to hit the books!
Can I take your order?
Service with a Smile!
All of that hard work pays off!