Character Counts During COVID

These Athletes Demonstrated Great Character During The Pandemic

November 9, 2020

It is hard to stay focused on what really counts during, say, a global pandemic. When the hypothetical storm rages or the hypothetical fire surrounds us – we forget to act civilized. But, not these panthers. These panther athletes demonstrated their excellent personalities even when they had every excuse to quit or manifest a bad attitude. Pioneer Valley coaches nominated them for an athletic competition called… “Character Counts During COVID.” These athletes had the capacity to complain, “Why do I have to wear a mask?” etc – But, they did not.  There were three categories available for coaches to choose from: Positive Attitude, Respect for Authority, and Love the Burn.”

Gavin Gomez – Positive Attitude
Gilberto Martinez – Love the Burn
Efren Castro – Respect for Authority
CJ Cabrera – Respect for Authority
Naomi Navarro – Positive Attitude
Consuelo Sanchez – Love the Burn
Marcus Minera – Respect for Authority
Jace Gomez – Love the Burn
Marc Cabeliza – Positive Attitude
Katie Magni – Love the Burn
Joseph Galicinao – Respect for Authority
Adan Pina – Positive Attitude
Maritsa Carmona – Respect for Authority
Orlando Marin – Love the Burn