Throughout Distance Learning, Athletes Have Desired True Competition


Before the school year opened CIF had already announced that league play would be temporarily suspended for the entire Fall semester. In other words, students will not be competing against other schools until the start of 2021. It is hard to imagine September, October and November without football and volleyball. Likewise, it is also crazy to imagine these sports being played in January through March during the same time as basketball and soccer. Athletic Director Monteiro is still working out the logistics of all of this however it is highly likely that some athletes will compete in multiple sports all at the same time – Football, Basketball and baseball all in one week. This obviously puts a new spin on the “multiple sports athlete” recognition which used to be awarded to students who competed in three or more sports in a school year – now, in a week! Of course, nothing seems normal during this pandemic fear driven season. Below you will see photos of the athletic pods. Pods are groups of student athletes who are required to take health precautions such as staying six feet apart and, “No balls aloud!” The baseball team played catch with pretend balls. The basketball players shot three pointers with invisible basketballs. The volleyball girls – you guessed it, a perfect spike every time. The Drama Director, Mrs. VanGronigen, has been very impressed with the students acting skills. Coach Beck is still trying to figure out how his defensive linemen are supposed to sack a quarterback while staying six feet apart. Yet, we are sure they will find a way. Because, during this wild season, creativity counts!

Coach Johnson practices his aim as he takes a players temperature.