Pioneer Victorious @ City Meet

February 28, 2020

The first meet was finally here! The track athletes have been working really hard and they showed it by winning and dominating the Meet on Wednesday, February 26 on both Girl’s and Boy’s Varsity teams. Senior Laurie Geronimo won both the 100 and 200 meters, Lauren Carendang won in the long jump, pole vault, and triple jump and became the first one to qualify for CIF in her event the triple jump, The 4 by 100-meter relay team (Jasmine Magana(12), Jennifer Basulto(12), Laurie Geronomie (12), Kiana San Juan (11)) won with a time of (55:74s). Overall the meet was very successful and full of excitement everywhere among the athletes and especially for the new athletes starting their first high school track season.


“This being the first meet felt pretty terrifying but it was really fun getting to be here and cheering on my teammates. My events are high jump, long jump, 100 and 200 meters. My goal for this season is to try to beat my PR for the 100-meter dash because it’s the event I have to work of the most. I’m looking forward to the future meets because it is honestly really fun cheering on people even though I lose my voice. To get pumped for my events I just listened to music all throughout the bus ride because it really hyped me up when I got here” Czarina Camba (9)








“At the beginning of the meet I wasn’t doing so good but it soon started getting better. My events are 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles. My goal for my 110h is to get under 18 seconds or 18 flat and for my 300h to get in the low 40s. To get pumped up for my events I just do some hurdle warm-ups, dynamic stretches, and talk to the people that are in my heat. I’m looking forward to making it to the big meets, be able to earn some medals and if not just placing in the top 10 would be good. I use to do distance but I decided to change my events because I felt like over the past four years I had so many coaches come and go and I couldn’t stand getting a new coach again and I found out who the hurdle coach was and I knew already who he was since freshman so I just decided to go with him and the hurdlers. I feel kind of sad knowing I’m a senior and this is going to be my last year doing track. I feel like I should’ve been doing hurdles a lot earlier but at this point, I just want to have fun a get this season over with.” Juan Campos (12)



“I’m really excited for this meet. I’m doing the 4 by 1, the 4 by 4, and high jump. I’ve done Track and Field for 7 to 8 years before doing it for my first time in high school which is this year. My goal for this season is to improve my PRs and seeing everyone improve as well and trying to help people as much as I can. I get pumped up by thinking of a person yelling at me and encouraging me to do well and push myself in whatever I’m doing. I expect this meet to be fun and I expect a lot of support from my teammates and seeing a lot of people improving themselves and seeing them actually try their hardest instead of doing their events like it means nothing. My favorite event is the 4 by 100 but I’m starting to like high jump as well and I like the 4 by 100 because I have a team and every time we run it it just gets really pumped up.” Silvia Betancourt (10)


“I feel good about this first meet, I did good for the first race but I hope I can PR on the same event next meet. My events are the mile and the 800. My goal for this season is to break 5 in the mile early in the season so that I can keep up with all the other Varsity boys. To get pumped up for my events I like to listen to music because it boosts up my confidence. Now that I’m a Junior I feel pretty sad because I now next school year I’m not going to be with all the seniors that are graduating this year.” Orlando Marin (11)







“I feel pretty good about the first meet of the season. I made a couple of new friends, got closer to my teammates and I liked how the meet was really organized like the events weren’t messy at all. I did track when I was in 5th grade but this is my first time doing track for high school. My events are the 100 meters, 200 meters, and long jump and currently trying to do hurdles. My goal for this season is to compete in hurdles at least once before the season ends. I’m looking forward to beating my PRs and hopefully make it CIF for one of my events. I get pumped up before my events by talking to the people in my heat because we’re all really nervous” Jhordan Sagisi (10)