Winter Break

December 20, 2019

Winter break is just around the corner. The best time of the year to travel, relax, visit family, and hang out with friends. Many people travel and others simply just used this time to get ready for the new year and enjoy the very few last moments of 2019. Christmas is coming and this means people are getting railed up to spend time with their families, take pictured open presents. Everyone has a plan on how to spend their break and this is what these people have in mind:

  “For winter break I’m going to go to Universal Studios in Los Angeles and it would be the last thing I would do here in the U.S. Then I will have Christmas and leave three days later. I will pack all my things and go back to Italy. Over there I will meet with my family and they’re planning to go somewhere in Italy once I get there and stay there for like some days to catch up because I left my house since August that’s like 5 months that I haven’t seen them for. I’m excited to go back and see my parents and all of the people I left in Italy but I’m also very heartbroken because here I met lots of people that became really important and saying goodbye for a long time is very hard so it’s not going to be really easy for me when I leave. Since I’ve never gone to Universal studios I expected it to be a really big place because I’ve seen some pictures on the internet, I also expect the rides to be fun my friends told me about the Harry Potter and the Jurassic World ones. Harry Potter has been my favorite movie since I was little so I’m really excited about it. I’m going to buy lots of presents for brother and everyone in Italy.” Beatrice Barbaranelli (12)

“My plans for winter break are to go to baseball conditioning, run a lot during my free time and to just stay in shape throughout the whole break for my Baseball season coming up. I’m going to be in baseball practice most of the time which is from 3:30 to 5 pm. For Christmas, my plans are to spend time with my family. I’m pretty excited about the new year and 2019 was a good year but I want to make 2020 even better. For the new year, I want to improve myself as a person and come back strong in academics for the spring semester with better grades. I think I’ll possibly hang out with my friends before coming back to school.” Isaiah Noriega (11)



“For winter break I’m planning on spending time with my family. Usually, for Christmas, we do a family reunion and we all just get together and some days before Christmas we put the tree up at our house, we put a village and Jesus under it. This is very traditional in my family and we have been doing it for the past 5 years. This year for Christmas hopefully my friends and I do a gift exchange and spend time with each other over the break. For New Year’s we eat the 12 grapes and we tell each other our resolutions for the new year in a piece of paper. I still can’t believe this year is almost over, time flew by really fast, but I hope next year is even better. The first thing I want to do when the new year starts is to cut my hair.” Karen Gonzalez (11)



“I’m really interested in visual effects so I want to continue leaning towards that. For winter break pretty much I’m going to try to contact directors and try to get an internship. After that, I’m just going to waste my time editing videos and finish some of the projects that I’m doing at the moment. Right now my parents and some family members are traveling but once they come back they’re probably going to make me cook but it’ll be fun. I’m probably going to go to San Francisco to visit some family members. For New Year’s I’m probably going to hang out with my closest friend. There was some obstacles along the way this year but it’s the end of the year and I think we should all enjoy it and look forward to a new year. For the new year I want to spend more time with family and friends since they are my motivation to what I do.” Angel Recinos (12)



“This vacation I plan on spending time with my family and getting rest for the next semester. For Christmas I usually go to my grandma’s house the 24th of December and we hangout and stay there until midnight. Then we go back home and open our presents and when we wake up in the morning we go back to my grandma’s house and spend the day over there. For New Year’s I also go to my relative’s houses and we stay up until midnight and once it’s 2 am we go back home. I’m very excited for the new year because I want to improve myself and improve little things that I do in my everyday life. It’s kind of sad that the year is coming to an end because it also means it is the end of a decade. It’s been a weird journey but I’m excite for the new year even it’s sad one year is ending for another one to start.” Yasmin Ramirez (10)




“For the winter break I plan to travel with my wrestling team for tournament and just stay in condition and focus for wrestling. This year for Christmas my family and I are planning on staying home and family members are going to come and my sister is also coming home from San Jose University. For Christmas the first thing we do is go to church and then we get home and eat dinner and then the next morning we open gifts. For New Year’s we usually just hang out and eat do the grapes its tradition that we do in our family then the next day we go to the Rose parade. I’m pretty excited for the new year like new things are coming and I feel like this is going to be a better year for everybody. I find it crazy that this year is almost ending things went by so fast.” Brittany Esquivel (11)




“For winter break I plan on going to San Diego for half a week to visit family then spend the rest of my vacation at home with my dogs. For Christmas we plan a party and all of us wear the same pajama and all the kids open one present before actual Christmas and then the next day everyone goes to there house and open their presents and then we get together again and just hang out. For New Year’s we all party at my house and say our resolutions and what we are looking forward to in the new year. In the new year I want to be able to sleep more and get my grades up. I’m really excited that this semester is almost over because my grades are actually good and because of my good grades I get to go to Disneyland in two weeks. I’ll probably go to Utah as well to visit some family members and it snows over there so it’s fun playing in the snow. I’m really excited for the new year because it brings more opportunities and I also get to plan for graduation, Grad Nite, and other things that come with being a senior.” Ashley Lopez (12)


“‘I’m planning on getting to Mexico and spending time with my family. And seeing my relatives that live over there. The first thing I would want to eat when I get there would probably be some enchiladas because my grandma makes great enchiladas. I’m staying in Mexico for 2 weeks, we leave the 20th and come back the 9th. For Christmas we typically just have dinner with all of our relatives. We don’t do presents in Mexico, at least where I’m going it’s more of a religious holiday than a Santa Claus one. I celebrate Christmas both the 24th and the 25th.” Ramon Herrera (12)