League Championships

November 8, 2019

After a long and exciting season, Cross Country has come to an end. The runners gave it their all at League Championships on Wednesday November 6, 2019. Both girls and boys Varsity teams finished third overall. Lead by Katie Magni with a time of (20:29) and Cresencio Chavez our League champion with a time of (16:28). Both boys and girls JV finished second overall. Lead by Kevin Beltran with a time of (19:10) and Itzel Garcia with a time of (23:22). Many of the runners obtained: First team All-League: Katie Magni (11), Cresencio Chavez (12), Second team All-League: Makayla Gonzalez (9), Stephannie Jimenez (9), Andy Arroyo (12) and Honorable Mention: Maritsa Carmona (9), Eric Marceleno (10)

“How I get pumped before a race is just remembering all the exciting things I’ve done in the past. When I run is just think about finishing the race with a good time. I’m super sad that cross country is coming to an end because I have made new friends and have a lot of fun memories that I am planning on holding on for a long time. My favorite memory about cross country is every time we have a race since we all get hyped up before the race and we lift each other up when we are down. I feel really good about this season because I have improved a lot and I hope to improve more in the next years. The first thing that I will do know that cross country is over is start my wrestling season and track and I hope to do this sports all 4 years of high school. My advice for future runners is that just have fun and make the best out of sports.” Bernardo Garcia (9)

“Before a race I just think about how good it’s going to feel knowing I ran two miles or three or however many, and that just gets me excited to run the race and finish it.When I run I’m always thinking about catching up to the person in front of me, and once I catch up to them I think of the next person in front of me, and I just keep telling myself that the faster I run, the faster it’ll be over. With the season ending I tell myself that all good things must come to an end, but I am sad about it ending and all the people I won’t practice with anymore and having fun with the people all the people around me.It was my first year doing cross country so I felt like I did okay for a first timer, but overall I felt like I finished the season strong. Now that cross country is over I’m going to start going to soccer practice and playing. My advice for future cross country runners would be to always try your hardest. You don’t have to be the fastest to do this sport, as long as you try your best every single time you’ll do great and you’ll feel proud of yourself for doing this.” Kristal Garcia (11)

“I’m always exited but nervous before a race. Sometimes I question myself why I put myself into this and tell myself “I’m never doing this again” but then I realize that this is the moment where I can challenge myself and see what I am made of. The day of the race is filled with fear and the ability to mess up. But I know that I am stronger than I think and have the ability to overcome my mental fear. I try putting my fears aside by focusing on something positive and visualizing myself. I know that I’ve been working too much to give up now, so I have to be brave and strong and remember it’s all worth it at the end. It doesn’t matter if I come in first or last but what matters to me is that I tried my hardest. I can’t believe that cross country season has come to an end. Time went by so fast. I’m so proud of how far we all got. We improved so much! Being part of the cross country team was a fantastic experience. There’s several memories I made with some of my teammates I also met many people which have become some of my closest friends. I want to thank my teammates and coach for making this an amazing season I’m going to miss everyone and hope to see everyone again next season.” Rubi Quiroz (9)

“To be completely honest I’m in awe. I did not expect Cross Country to end this soon. I have done Cross Country for all four years in my high school journey and I believe I have changed as a friend, student, and leader. The team has grown significantly since I joined the team and I could not be any more proud of the achievements we have accomplished together. I’m not going lie, I am pretty sad about the fact that I will no longer run for this amazing team, but I’m excited for what the future holds for all of my fellow runners. When I run I like to think about why I’m running. During the first mile my body is telling “Why are you doing this to yourself? I’m hurting” while in my mind I’m thinking “one more mile” over and over. When I want to give up and stop I start to think about my grandfather who passed away and tell myself “Do it for it for him!” He wasn’t able to ever see me run a race, but I know he is watching me from Heaven and I hope that I made him proud.” Vladimir Rosales (12)