Boo! – Halloween Preview

BOO! It’s that time of the year again! Here is what your classmates will be wearing tomorrow. Don’t forget to dress up and keep it classy!

“For Halloween I am going to be a nurse because that’s what I want to be when I grow up.” – Yesenia Mora (12)
”I’m going to be a ninja turtle because my friends came up with the idea.” – Erandi Diaz (11)
“I am going to Little Red Ridding Hood. I was looking up couple costumes on Pinterest and I come upon a picture of little red ridding hood and the big bad wolf and i thought that would be a cute idea.” – Arlen Vences (11)
“Ima be an alien from Toy Story because my whole family is dressing up as a character from Toy Story.”- Natalie Diaz (11)
“Im going be a nurse because that’s the career path I’d like to go into.”- Kimberly Lua (11)