Campus Beautification Day!

Everyday all around the world people consume, use and waste and the consequence is TRASH. When we talk about trash the first thing we think about is wastes, something we don’t use anymore: a piece of paper, an empty can of coca-cola, old clothes, ripped books. Something that isn’t useful anymore.

But trash is a word that can be used in other ways as well…

Think about when we shout :”Rubbish!”  we use it when we don’t believe something or we just think it’s not part of our business: Something that doesn’t affect us in anyway. In other words trash is worth nothing, but yet it’s taking over so many of our natural places.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with lot of problems related to trash starting from pollution and global warming. The amount of gases released in the air and of wastes is destroying our planet.  We also  have to think about all the trash tossed everyday in the environment like plastic bottles, bags and any form of it that have polluted all over the years thousands of rivers and forests. All of this is taking over the seas creating devastating damages! Lots of animals are dying and the weather is becoming more and more uncontrollable and unchangeable.

How to save our planet by trash?

Today  people are trying to change their behavior in order to save the earth, their house, their families and their future. They have invented a way to produce energy without affecting the environment: They have hydroelectric, geothermal, marine, wind, solar energy. They are decreasing the plastic bottles and the straws, they are using water bottles instead. They’re saving their trash by recycling and with great events they are trying to sensitize people, trying to come in their mind and touch their soul: The more we are to change the more we have chances to save our planet by trash!

How our school face the trash problem?

On Saturday the 19th October our panthers met up at school to clean up the campus by picking up all the trash. Here’s some interviews about what they think of this great opportunity.

Gillian Villa

Today I came to school cleaning up the campus. The goal of today is making the campus look better and be proud of it. I think the opportunity we had today is a very good idea in order to make the campus look better, because this is actually the place we spend most our time at, look nice and always better. I think it’s a really bad thing just having trash everywhere which one can just ruin the environment. It’s not pretty.

Paola Zarate and Jenn Basulto

Today we are doing Campus Beautification. We are cleaning up the campus to make it look better. We think it’s a very good thing to do and very helpful. It’s a very good think keep the campus clean. We think that trash is a very big problem because it’s hurting a lot of people and it’s hurting the environment as well so I think we should just pick it up. People don’t realize how much harm it does to the environment so we should just be more aware.

Nikki Knowlson volleyball coach

Today we are here to pick up the trash, clean up the windows and I personally love it. It kind of gives the girls a sense of pride in their school. Hopefully they see people during the school day that litter to let them know to pick it up because I just spent all weekend cleaning up your trash so I can just say PICK IT UP! There’s too much trash everywhere and it’s sad because lot of people don’t even care about it. It’s something they don’t think about. As humans we produces way too many trash and we need to make  change somehow with it.

Citaly Robles, Lilo Munoz, Natalie Lima

We think that Campus Beautification will help cleaning up our campus because a lot of people don’t care where they throw their trash so we feel that it will help. We are volunteering for this! Pollution isn’t about the things we are using, it’s about how wasteful we are with it and the trash is everywhere so it’s slowly, going to take all over the world.

Jazlynn Limon 

I think Campus Beautification is very cool! We got to help out, this is our way of putting efforts and keeping our campus clean and making it look good. I think that the big problem  is that students don’t pick up after themselves so you’ll find gum wrappers or left over trash, or milk left around so that’s what the big problem is. If I would see one of my friend throwing is trash on the floor I would feel really offended because we are making a very big effort to keep our campus clean. For the moment all my friends have always throw the trash in the right places!

Kendall Courtright

I think that what we are doing here today it’s very cool because when we are here at school I see so much trash and like it’s very polluted, and just doesn’t look good.  I think that a lot of people are disrespectful a they don’t think a lot about like picking up after themselves they don’t realize how it affect the campus and it make the campus look bad.  I think that what I’m doing is a good example of taking care of the school by keeping it clean. I always clean up after my self to make the place look better, and it also makes me feel better and like give back.

Henry Valdez

I’m cleaning up the campus to help the environment more, make sure our school looks clean, it doesn’t look dirty. I think that today our world is very messy, people don’t really think about what they throw away and where their trash is gonna go. We are just trying to pick up as much as we can. What we are doing is showing that we are trying our environment to look better so they should try as well.

Joselyn Baca

Today I’m picking up the trash to make the campus look more beautiful. Most people just throw trash and they don’t seem like considering how that would affect the environment. I always trow my trash in the trash whenever I’ve got something I don’t want to eat. People ae trashing everywhere in these days and our school is an example of that. They make the streets look worse and bad and that’s not good.

Anastasia Gomez

I’m picking up the trash at school because I think it’s very helpful since there’s lot of trash and wastes everywhere. It will be good to help the environment. I think that trash is just causing lot of problems in the environment today. I’ve already participated to other activities like that in other public areas like parks.

Doris Bravo and Elizabeth Aguila

We like to cleaning up the campus because a lot of time people just leave it the way it is and that can sometimes not be so pleasant. Cleaning up all the way kind of switches the way people would clean after them selves. Cleaning up with this group of people is kind of fun because you make new friends and then you’ll never know what’s going to happened. It’s really unfair for this school campus to be dirty! This day it’s a way to do something else and meet new people by sharing the same ideas and by doing something that is helping out the world. We think that trash today it’s really nasty to be honest. Students like us leave the trash here and it’s just like really unpleasant for the world and the school campus to be dirty.

Mallory Krause

Today I’m cleaning up the trash in the campus and I’m basically going everywhere like in the bushes just to pick all that loose trash that everyone throws around our campus. I feel that I’m doing it’s really important because it helps the environment and our school shouldn’t look like a trash can. We should pick all the trash up and be responsible. I feel like trash today is a huge problem especially within the environment. We need to be responsible by using the trash cans. There’s trash all around the campus and so we just need to utilize them. I’ve partcipeted to Campus Beautification also last year because I really believe in this project.