Cross Country Travels to Fresno!

September 30, 2019

This Friday the Cross Country team traveled to Clovis, Fresno for the 17th annual Golden Eagle Invitational. The course consisted of 3.1 miles and where CIF will take place at the end of the season. Overall the team had amazing results. Many were dealing with problems but still manged to finish their race strong. Luckily for all the races the hot weather did not get in the way for people to PR (Personal Record) and work hard. The frosh/Soph overall finished 15 out of 20 lead by Erick Marceleno with a time of (19:58) , JV boys with a finish of 11 out 16 lead by Chris Roman with a time of (21:49), JV girls 13 out of 21 lead by Itzel Garcia with a time of (24:33), Varsity girls 6 out 16 lead by  Katie Magni with a time of (21:57), and Varsity boys with a finish of 11 out 21 lead by Cresencio Chavez with a time of (17:53). The season is looking bright for the team.

“I feel very excited for this race. It feels awesome to have come back here since it’s the CIF course and last year I didn’t do so good but now I want to do better and this is extra practice to get better. My goal for this year is to break 17 and also have a good time with my team. It’s honestly really sad thinking about this being my last year doing cross country and throughout all the years seeing all the seniors leave and now it’s our turn to say goodbye.” Andy Arroyo (12)
“I’m a little nervous but it’s the feeling I get for all the races. I’m definitely very excited for it because this is why we joined cross country; to race and have fun and see how far we’ve come from like the first day of practice to the now. I’m really enjoying Cross Country, it’s a lot of hard work but you have to put the hard work in to get the results you want and its more fun then expected because you do it with people that become like your little family. I had done Cross Country back in 3rd grade but I mostly used to do track and field and this is my first year doing Cross Country in High School. I’m looking forward to beating my PR and having fun with everyone.” Eden Garcia (9)
“This race was hard but fun at the same time. Compare to last race this one was way harder because of all the hills, it was also hot and there wasn’t that much shade for most of the course. For this season I’m looking to getting faster. This year is a little bit harder since last year we focused mostly on distance and this year we do more speed workouts but still doing distance along with the workouts.” Jonathan Benhumea (10)
“For me the race was really hard even though it’s my 3rd race it’s still very difficult to run up the hill and keep a good pace and not slow down. It’s been very difficult running with an injury because it hurts every time I put my feet flat on the ground. I’m looking forward to making a PR, have fun with my friends, making my parents and teammates proud, and get better from my injury so I can run in the Varsity team again.” Itzel Garcia (9)
“I’m really excited because this is going to be my first varsity race for the season and my third year doing cross country. I’m happy and sad for this being my last season because I won’t see my teammates next year but this year I want to enjoy being with all this people. For this last season I want to PR as much as I can and make it count until the very last day.” Patricia Camilo (12)