The New CTE Center Brings New Opportunities to FFA

October 2, 2019

Have you heard about the new CTE Center? CTE stands for Career Technical Education. The CTE Center will be built by the Elks Rodeo of Santa Maria. According to Dr. Robinson, the Director of Career Technical Education, the students will be able to use the agriculture barn in the Spring of 2020 and classes are scheduled to start Fall of 2020. The center will be available to all SMJUHSD students. Both under/upperclassmen will be able to go to the center, but priority will go to upperclassmen to help ensure they can take classes. As of now the plan is to only offer high school classes for the SMJUHSD students. The center will have a total of three buildings. One AG Barn that is going to house the students’ animals, One Building with two classrooms and a professional teaching/culinary kitchen. Last there will be two shop buildings with a total of four shops that will house Diesel, Machining & Forming, Construction/Building Trades and Medical Programs. The students will be provided with transportation and back to their school.

“I didn’t know about the new CTE center but I think it’s pretty cool that they are building this and now that I know I want to go talk to my counselor and see if I could get a class there when they open. I think it would be a great experience to have classes over at the center. It’s pretty cool that the center is going to be dedicated mostly to just Agriculture.” Joshua Hernandez (10)
“I knew there was a new high school been built but I didn’t know what it was going to be based on but I think it’s a great opportunity since Santa Maria is surrounded by different types of fields and many people want to major in Agriculture and this would be a great experience and opportunity. If I end up majoring in agriculture I would probably take classes there because it would help me go to college. I think I would leave my animal there because people have to look for a place to leave there animal in and at some places you have to pay to leave your animal and the CTE center would be a great place and to not have to worry about the animal running away since I think there is going to be at least someone there on campus at all times.” Cristhy Olivera (11)
Alondra seemed really informed about the new center that is being built, “I did know about the new CTE center because when I volunteered for FFA at the ELks Rodeo last spring my FFA teacher Mr. Dickinson told us about it and said it was going to be for the Ag students that were raising an animal. I think that this a great movement that they are doing in the city because some of the students that have animals don’t have a place to take care and feed them in. In my opinion I think it would be a great opportunity for incoming generations to get more involved and be easier for them.”    Alondra Rico (11)
“It sounds exciting that they are doing this for the students. I would like to get a good experience from this because this is my first year doing FFA and I would want to learn new things and this center would be a great opportunity to be more involved. I want to raise an animal this year and I think the center would be a great place to leave my animal in.” Janeth Antonio (9)
“I didn’t know about the new CTE center but I think its a great opportunity for more Ag students to get involved and to have the chance to do more hands on things. I think it would be more educational because it’s going to be based mostly on Agriculture and to know you’re surrounded with people who have the same interest a you and not just PV but the others from the other high schools too. For the people in the future who take this class my advice is to take advantage of this opportunity.” Saray Gamboa (11)