Trail Blazers

September 11, 2019

Have you ever wonder what trail blazers is all about? What you need to go on a hike? Well you don’t have to anymore because the next meeting is going to be on Thursday September 19, 2019. Trail blazers helps you clear your mind during the weekend with a good hike and good company. You stay healthy and at the same time have fun! This years advisor is Ms. Ogren and her Co-Advisor Mrs. Sewell.

“We are a hiking a club and we are here to promote health and how a hike can be healthy for you physically and mentally. You have the opportunity to bond with other students. We do things like hiking but also environmental awareness events like beach clean-ups. We also have an end of the year event and the last two years we’ve gone camping but this year will do something a little different. The only requirement is to show up the meeting before the event. We like to start with local hikes for kids to get a chance to know their local hikes so they can go on their own and with family.” Ms. Ogren
“My experience has changed since freshman year. freshman year I was just a member so I would just go on hikes and goof round and have fun. I felt like I lacked motivation to finishing the hikes but as I grew as a more dedicated member I got to become a leader in the group and the whole club. I got to be a secretary my junior year and that thought me a lot of responsibility and how I should really dedicate myself to helping the students motivate themselves to finish the hikes and really appreciate nature. This year I’m president of the club so that’s awesome! I’m really excited for this because I feel like I have an even greater responsibility and I’m ready to take it on and dedicate myself to helping the students participate more and have their opinions on what we should do not just on hikes but like visits to national parks.” Julia Vargas (12)
“I started hiking club my junior year and it was really fun because i made a lot of new friends that I usually wouldn’t see around school or in my classes so I was able to gain a supportive community in school that shared the love of nature and exercise like me. The hikes were really fun because I was able to go with my friends on them and we stayed in groups and everyone kept being positive and pushing each other to finish the hike it was very fulfilling to reach the top of the mountain and seeing the views. The camping trip was also a lot of fun because I was able to bond with the girls a lot and learn more outdoor things that I wouldn’t normally know and do in my normal life. I’m really excited for this year because I’m secretary so I’m going to be able to be more involved.” Lauren Carandang (12)
“This is going to be my third year doing trail blazers. Going on hikes is my favorite thing to do on my free time so regularly I go to Avila Ridge. I’ve met new people through this club and I also had the opportunity to climb Montaña de Oro and that was a cool experience because the view was beautiful. The hikes are not hard but if they are the people stay at a certain pace so no one gets left behind. I’m super excited for this year! I’m looking forward to going on more hikes because last year I couldn’t go as much and I want to meet new people and spread some positivity!! Charlize Placencia (11)
“It’s been a fun experience over the last 4 years. Just being going on a lot of hike and meeting a lot cool people. The hikes range from really hard and log to really easy and short that everyone could do them. I’m excited it’s going to be my last year going on hikes with these people. I normally go on smaller hikes with my family.” Damian Magaña (12)