The Start of a Great Cross Country Season

September 3, 2019

Cross Country is a mental sport and everyone is just trying to push through all the pain. After a long summer of conditioning the first race is finally here. Last weekend on Saturday, August 31st, the Cross Country boys and girls got ready to run the Greg De Nike course in Arroyo Grande. This team is not just about running it’s about having a good time also. These athletes ran a total of 2.5 miles. Everyone has their own method of getting pumped up for the race and have their own goals for the season let’s see what this people have in mind:


“I always listen to my music so I have a specific playlist and I always listen edms that blast my ears and I somehow get pumped up through it. I tried to concentrate on my self and get warmed up.” Vladimir seemed sad talking about his last year doing this sport, “I can’t believe that it is almost going to be over I feel like just yesterday I was freshman joining Cross Country for the first time and now I’m a senior doing my last year of Cross Country ever but I’m excited to see what I have left in the tank.” Vladimir Rosales (12)
“I am mostly excited about cheering on my teammates and having a good time. To get pumped before a race I think about all the hard working I’ve done and the hard work I’ve put into and the whole team pumps you up during the race” Stephannie’s advice about Cross Country is, “Join Cross Country next year it’s the best! Just saying it doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow it hypes up all the time.” Stephannie Jimenez (9)
From Left to right: Coach Magni, Coach Rodriguez                                                    “The kids had a great first meet, now we’ve seen what everyone can do and accomplish in a contest and I’m looking forward to watching the kids work hard and improve for the rest of the season.” Coach Magni