"inform, entertain, and promote Panther pride"

Left to Right: Angie Bolden, Kaylani Craig(12)

New Beginnings For the Black Student Union This Year

The Black Student Union is an organization of diverse students and staff around the world. Students that are in the Black Student Union go to many conferences and cook-outs where all the students around the state get together and reunite as one.  In the club they stick together. It also brings out the different backgrounds of the students. The Black Student Union here on campus encourages and welcomes all students of all cultures to come and join!

Navy Sims is the President of Black Student Union. She is excited for a new year in the organization.(11)
Conye Delanaye and is a club member, he is excited to be in Black Student Union another year.(11)
Angie Bolden is the Vice-President of Regional and State of Black Student Union, loves her students and is happy to be here on campus talking about Black Student Union.
Mr.Harmon is the adviser of Black Student Union on campus, has been with the organization for over 27 years and is excited for another year.