Hassett Foundation Donates Supplies to PV Artists

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Wednesday September 19 was a amazing day for art lovers. Students got great art supplies donated by the Hassett foundation. Artists once again had the opportunity to receive supplies donated compliments of The Artist exchange, an outreach project of the Ian M. Hassett foundation. Coordinated by the art teacher George Karamitsos, the foundation visited the campus on the afternoon of September 19. The foundation, created in memory of Ian Hassett, a talented young artist who lost his life too early to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, has been impacting the lives of art students since 2014.

“It gives kids a great chance to get art supplies without paying for them.” Mr. Karamitsos

“Art is something that I have a passion for. Art is something that is very beautiful and can be interpreted in different ways. What I feel for this is that it’s a way for people to get art supplies for those who don’t have money or an opportunity to start”-Yadira Villapando(12)

“I really love art and when Mr. K said that they are giving out free art materials I didn’t hesitate to go.”-Haezel Ortega(11)

“I think that it’s pretty cool that they are giving free art supplies”-Yessica Belmonte(11)